How to advertise on

Go to and hit '+Campaign', then pick 'Display Network only'.

Pick 'No marketing objective' and set 'All countries', your daily budget and more as you prefer.

Name your ad group and enter a bid amount, then click 'Use a different targeting method' and select 'Placements'.

Search for and add it from the results by clicking the arrow. Then hit 'Save and continue'.

Pick 'Image ad', for instance, and upload a 160x600 pixel image banner, like in PNG format. Then set the ad name and URLs, and hit 'Save ads'. --- That's it! Your ads should now be reviewed by Google and may appear on As Google automates the process of serving and there are bids by other advertisers, you wouldn't always see it appear, but can keep checking the AdWords stats on your campaign for more. --- Thanks for supporting Manyland!

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